CRE Permanent Committee

Current Research in Egyptology is organised in a democratic fashion. Any university wishing to host the conference can submit a proposal and a presentation during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in any particular year. At the end of the presentations, the vote of the assembly decides the winner. A committee representing the successful university arranges the following conference, while a permanent committee provides assistance and works on the long-term issues related to the conference. In order to allow a wider involvement of students in the CRE organisation, each member can remain in the permanent committee for a total of two years.

CRE Permanent Committee (2018-2019)

Dr. Ilaria Incordino, University of Naples L’Orientale (2017–2019)

She is Research Fellow in Egyptology and teacher of Egyptology for BA students at the University of Naples “L’Orientale”. She was a member of the Organizing Committee of CRE 2017 in Naples. She has a PhD on the chronological problems of the 3rd Dynasty, a re-examination of the archaeological evidence. She is currently working on Byzantine pottery analysis from the site of Manqabad (Asuyt, Egypt). Her main research interests are: the origins of the pharaonic ideology and its symbols, cultural and commercial exchanges of aromatic products between Egypt and its neighbouring countries (Nubia, Punt, Arabia), and pharaonic and Byzantine pottery analysis. She is a member of the archaeological mission at Manqabad (Egypt, University of Naples L’Orientale), in the Eastern Central Desert (Egypt, University of Naples di Napoli L’Orientale, Helwan University, Cairo University), and at Mersa/Wadi Gawasis (University of Naples, Boston University).


Marie Peterková Hlouchová, Charles University (Prague)

She is graduated in Egyptology and History at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague. She currently continues with the doctoral study programme at the Czech Institute of Egyptology. She focuses on the Old Kingdom religion and she is also interested in wooden coffins from the 1 st Millennium BC found in Abusir. Since 2015 she has participated in the archaeological excavations in Egypt and in the Sudan. She is an editor of Prague Egyptological Studies. She was also one of the organisers of the international student conference Current Research in Egyptology (CRE) 2018 in Prague.


Ms. Marwa Bdr El Din, Egyptian Museum (Cairo)

She is the Head of the Registration, Collections Management, and Documentation Department, the Egyptian Museum in Cairo since June 2016. She started as a Volunteer in the Registration and Collection Management Department project. In 2007 she became the Associate Registrar for Movements, in 2013 “the Deputy for Head Registrars”, in 2014 “the Acting Head of Registrars”. On July 2015 she got her master degree in Egyptology from faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University the topic was “The Ba houses in Ancient Egypt”, present she is a Doctorate Candidate in the Faculty of Archaeology Cairo University the topic is “Study and Publication of the Female figurines (Concubines) in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo”


Dr. Jose Manuel Alba Gómez, Universidad de Jaén

He is Junior Research Fellow at the University de Jaén. He is member of the “Proyecto Qubbet el-Hawa” (Aswan, Egypt) from 2009 and co-director since 2016. He obtained his PhD with the doctoral thesis: Olive tree cultivation and oil production in ancient Egypt (2016), currently under publication. He is presently in charge of the study of the pottery found in tombs QH31, QH32, QH34aa, QH34bb, QH36 and the excavation of tombs QH31 and QH32. His main research lines are “Oleiculture” in ancient Egypt, pharaonic pottery analysis and oils in Ancient Near East.


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