CRE XV participants may apply for both the EES/CRE bursary and for the  ICS bursary.  Please send a separate 100 word ‘statement of need’ to the email addresses as listed below.  The deadline for both bursaries is January 15, 2014. Decisions will be emailed to applicants by January 31st 2014. Bursary applicants must be pre-registered for the conference to be considered for a bursary award.



1. EES/CRE Bursary     

The Egypt Exploration Society (EES) is sponsoring student travel bursaries for CRE XV 2014.

Thanks to the generosity of the Egypt Exploration Society, for the first time ever at CRE, we are able to make small bursary grants of £100 to help defray travel costs for student participants. No restrictions are made for potential applicants, however, preference in consideration will go to postgraduate students with financial need who are presenting papers.  Egyptian postgraduate students studying in Egypt who wish to attend and present a paper are especially encouraged to apply.


Recent EES Conference in London

Recent EES Conference in London

Applications for bursaries will be accepted until January 15 2014.

To apply, please send a statement of no more than 100 words stating why you are requesting a travel bursary grant.  Please send this statement by January 15 2014 to:  crexvlondon+eesbursary@gmail.com.

Please show your appreciation to the EES by joining as a student member!









1) Mohamed Ali Mohamed Nasser, Fayoum University, who will be presenting: “A Social History of Hieratic Graffiti in 18th Dynasty”

2) Keita Takenouchi, Waseda University in Japan, who will be presenting: “Some Remarks on the Distribution of Stone Production in Predynastic Egypt: A View from the Analysis of Mudstone Artifacts”

3) Susan (Sue) Thorpe, University of Auckland, who will be presenting: “Social Aspects in Ancient Egyptian Personal Correspondence”

4) Douglas Petrovich, University of Toronto, who will be presenting : “The Chronological Value of Tell el-Dab’a’s Inscriptional Finds to the Dating of the Beginning of the Stratum d/1 at Avaris”

5) Janelle Wade, University of Chicago, who will be presenting: “Pharaonic Economy: A New Commodity-Based Approach to an Age-Old Discussion”





2. Institute of Classical Studies Student Bursary


Thanks to the generosity of the Institute of Classical Studies, we are able to award 10 grants of £50 to students presenting a poster or a paper at CRE XV 2014 in London.  Applicants must be registered students at any university worldwide and the grant may be used for registration fees or travel expenses. To apply please send a 100 word statement of interest to crexvlondon+bursary@gmail.com by the application deadline of Jan 15 2014.  Please show your appreciation to the Institute of Classical Studies and visit their website and consider joining their related societies.