Liverpool 2001

Current Research in Egyptology II




Date : 18-19 January 2001
Location : School of Archaeology, Classics and Oriental Studies (SACOS) of the University of Liverpool, Great Britain
Publication : Cooke, A. & Simpson, F., C. (eds). 2005. Current Research in Egyptology II. BAR International Series 1380.

List of papers

Author Title Publication reference
Panagiotis Kousoulis Cat versus snake: A symbolic conflict with magical connotations  
Nina Wahlberg Can an Egyptian’s name shed light on their religious beliefs? References to goddesses in personal names from 1070 to 332BC  
Elizabeth Hind Egyptian mathematics and a re-evaluation of Moscow Mathematical Papyrus Problem 10  
Gina Muskett Egypt and Mycenaean Greece: a Mycenaean perspective 39-46
Fiona Simpson The Libyan in Egyptian ideology  
Sally-Ann Ashton The double and triple uraeus on royal representations 1-9
Nadine Moeller An Old Kingdom town at Zawiet Sultan (Zawiet el-Meitin) in Middle Egypt 29-38
Angus Graham ‘Harbours’ and ‘quays’ in the Nile valley: a novel solution to the problem of the fluctuating river level  
Dr Bill Manley Petrie and the origin of the underclass  
Elizabeth Bloxam The organisation and mobilisation of Old Kingdom quarry labour forces at Chephren’s quarry in Lower Nubia 11-19
Ian Buckley Excavations at tomb KV39 21-28
Colin Reader A reconciliation of the geological and archaeological evidence for the age of the sphinx and a revised sequence of development for the Giza Necropolis 47-56
Geoffrey Tassie Single mother goddesses and divine kingship: the sidelock of youth and the maternal bond 65-73
Joanne Rowland The transition to state society in Egypt: problems and possibilities of applying mortuary evidence 57-63
Sonia Zakrzewski Morphological variation in Egyptian crania 75-80
Audrey Carter The religious and social customs of New Kingdom Gurob from the Manchester Collection  
Akiko Sugi Aspects of Egyptian iconography  
Ashley Cooke Kahun: A glimpse of the Middle Bronze Age  
Chris Naunton The priests and officials at Thebes during the Twenty-Fifth dynasty in Egypt  
Rachael Dann Egyptomania  
Sherine el-Menshawy Gloves in Ancient Egypt  
Dr Ian Shaw The emerald mines in the Sikait-Subara region of the Eastern Desert  
Roland Enmarch Textual criticism and Ipuwer  
Hiroshi Hirayama An ethnoarchaeological investigation of the Festival of Opet  
Thomas D. Hulit Tutankhamun’s body armour: materials, construction and the implications for the Late Bronze Age military industry  
Deborah Hunter Hatshepsut’s femaleness as an ideological force in the Speos Artemidos inscription  
Professor Ken Kitchen Far-flung frontiers in Egyptological-related research  
Katerina Koltsida Space and gender in Ancient Egyptian village households  
Serena Love Memphis: questioning the Old Kingdom capital  
Angela McDonald The orthography of fear. Bird determinatives in Ancient Egyptian  
Katja Mueller What’s in a toponym? On Egyptian and Greek names for Ptolemaic settlements  
Andrew Shortland, Mike Richards and Sonia Zakrzewski The use of stable isotopes to reconstruct Ancient Egyptian diet  
Susanna Thomas Ramesses II in the Western Delta  
Aloisia de Trafford The human body in the Pyramid Texts  
Sami Uljas Notions on interclausal relations in Middle Egyptian object complementation with the infinitive  
Dr Mark Collier Lahun papyri  
Dr Steven Snape Excavations at Zawiyet Umm el-Rakham  



Information Courtesy of CRE XIV Committee.