Swansea 2007


Current Research in Egyptology VIII




Date : April 2007
Location : University of Swansea, Great Britain
Publication : Griffin, K. (ed.), 2008, Current Research in Egyptology 2007,
Oxford: Oxbow Books

List of papers

Author Title Publication reference
Tony Judd Rock Art Palimpsests: Patination as an indication of the relative ages of petroglyphs  
Kim Ridealgh Perceptions of Masculinity in New Kingdom Egypt  
Gavin Radis-Smith Gavin Radis-Smith  
Renata Tatomir From Nwn to Ma’at and Back: The Butterfly Effect and the Egyptian pattern of perfection  
Christopher Naunton Towards a Prosopography for Twenty-fifth Dynasty Thebes: Problems and methods  
Sarah Jackman Crime and Punishment in Dynastic Egypt  
Steven James Larkman Great Overlords and the War of Reunification in the First Intermediate Period  
Eve Guerry The ‘Transgression’ Word-field in the Stela of Baki  
Sara Mastropaolo Research on the Animal Dictionary in the Ancient Egypt  
Melanie Sapsford Natron ? Its Uses in Egyptian Medicine  
Pawel Wolinski Did Ramesses III Really Settle the Sea Peoples in Canaan?: Searching for truth behind the Papyrus Harris I  
Alexandra Velten Grammatical Terminology in Egyptology ? Fact or Fiction?  
Rosalind Park The First Decan  
Judith H. Seath Initial Analyses of Organic Remains from Ancient Egyptian Contexts, Using Scientific, Analytical Methods  
Jennifer Cromwell Constructing a Coptic Document at Jeme: Organisation and industry  
Stephen Renton Political Propaganda in Ancient Egypt: A question of time and place  
Amr Gaber The Central Hall in the Egyptian Temples of the Ptolemaic Period: Locations, nominations and functions  
Victoria Gashe Beads from Badari: Their use in a mortuary context  
Professor Thomas Schneider Truth versus Totalitarianism: Egyptology in the Nazi Era  
Paula Alexandra Veiga A Preliminary Study of MNA E540, a Graeco-Egyptian Gemstone at the National Museum of Archaeology in Lisbon, Portugal  
Peter Robinson Book of the Dead Chapters 149/150 and Their Coffin Text Origins  
Steven Gregory Observations Regarding the Symbolism of the Blue and Cap Crowns as Used in Iconographic Motifs of the Ramesside Period  
Kenneth Griffin An Analysis of the Entities Present on the Columns Within the Temple of Ramesses II at Abydos  
Robert M. Porter An Easy Way to Build a Pyramid?  
Shirly Ben-Dor Evian Late New Kingdom and Third Intermediate Period Pottery in Canaan  
Rachel Aronin Divine Determinatives in the Papyrus of Ani  
Jenefer Cockitt An Absolute Chronology for the First Dynasty of Egypt  
Ibrahim Abdel-Baset Abdel Ibrahim Some remarks of the scenes featuring Amon in New Kingdom temples in Lower Nubia  
Dr. Nelly S. Ramzy Defensive Arrangements in Coptic Architecture  
Jacqueline M Campbell The Application of Archaeobotany and Pharmacognosy to Identify the Respective Uses of Carob and Colocynth in the Medical Papyri  
Francis Lankester Desert Boats  
Dan Boatright Military Encampments in Ancient Egypt  
Jacky Finch Are You Sitting Comfortably? Purges and proctology in ancient Egypt  
Henning Franzmeier Wells and Cisterns in Pharaonic Egypt: The development of a technology as a process of adaptation to environmental situations and customers demands  
Meg Gundlach Conceptions of Wealth in Late Period Theban Burials: A case study of Theban Tomb 33  
Jayne Holly The Style and Iconography of Pottery Offering Trays  
Howard Middleton-Jones Database of Coptic Monasteries in Egypt  
Pauline Norris Astarte, Egypt and the Art of Riding Side-Saddle  
Campbell Price Cult Colossi: Distributing Royal Identities in the New Kingdom  



Information Courtesy of CRE XIV Committee.