Univeristy College London 2003


Current Research in Egyptology IV





Date : January 2003
Location : Institute of Archaeology, University College London, Great Britain
Publication : Piquette, K. and Love, S. (eds),2005, Current Research in Egyptology
2003, Oxford: Oxbow Books

List of papers

Author Title Publication reference
Yayoi Shirai Royal funerary cults during the Old Kingdom 149-162
Rachel Mairs Duality or duplicity? Frameworks of approach to Ptolemaic ruler cult  
Nadine Moeller Tell Edfu: aspects of a provincial town at the end of the 3rd millennium BC  
Sarah Parcak Observing Egypt from Space: Applications of Remote Sensing and satellite imagery interpretation in Egypt  
Rosalind Janssen Gerontology and Ancient Egypt  
Maria Constanza Centrone Behind the Corn-mummies 11-28
Fiona Handley Myos Hormos, the Red Sea port: its archaeology and some textile finds  
Sally McAleely Flower arranging in Ancient Egypt 105-120
Charlotte Booth A possible case of Elephantiasis in Ptolemaic Memphis  
Kathryn Piquette Conceptualising the body in Ancient Egypt  
Mpay Kemboly Iaau and the question of the origin of Evil according to Ancient Egyptian Sources 89-104
Nicola Harrington From the Cradle to the Grave: anthropoid busts and ancestor cults at Deir el-Medina’ 71-88
Carolyn Graves-Brown The Spitting Goddess and the stony eye: divinity and flint in Pharaonic Egypt 57-71
Angus Graham Plying the Nile: not all plain sailing 41-56
Scott Haddow Osteology and the Dakhla Oasis  
Petra Vlckova Abusir South at the end of the Old Kingdom and during the First Intermediate Period 162-178
Maria Cannata An unpublished contract of sale from Memphis 1-10
Serena Love A symbolic landscape of Memphis?  
Noriyuki Shirai Bifacial technology, Socioeconomic competition, and early farming and herding in the Fayum 135-148
Alvaro Figueiredo The Lisbon Mummy Project 29-40
Joanne Rowland The application of mortuary data to the problem of social transition in the Delta from the Terminal Predynastic to the early Dynastic Period  
Katherine Griffis-Greenberg Direction and orientation concepts and the creation of sacred space in Ancient Egypt  
Hironao Onishi A Kushite temple in a western oasis? 121-135
G. J. Tassie Ancient Egyptian hair and sexuality  
Heidi Wikgren The festival calendar at Deir el-Medina 179-200
Rachael Dann The place of feminists and gender archaeologies in Egyptology  


Information Courtesy of CRE XIV Committee.