Birmingham 2002

Current Research in Egyptology III    Unknown





Date : December 2001
Location : University of Birmingham, Great Britain in December 2001
Publication : Ives, R., Lines, D., Naunton, C. & Wahlberg, N. (eds), 2003, Current Research in Egyptology III,
BAR International Series 1192.

List of papers

Author Title Publication reference
Aidan Dodson Duke Alexander’s sarcophagi published as ‘Duke Alexander’s sarcophagi’, Archiv Orient 70 (2001), 329-36
Gareth D. Hatton, A.J. Shortland and M.S. Tite Egyptian Blue: where, when and how? 35-44
Marko Hyypia The range of meaning in Middle Egyptian ‘second tenses’  
Amir Kamal Foreigners in Egypt during the New Kingdom  
Katja Mueller Ptolemaic cities in space – a case study of Fayumic settlements  
Kathryn Piquette The bone, ivory and wooden labels of the Late Predynastic and Early Dynastic: the iconography of kingship  
Miriam Bibby The arrival of the horse in Egypt: new approaches and a hypothesis 13-18
Christopher Naunton Professor Plumley, Qasr Ibrim and the EES in Nubia  
Peter Robinson Crossing the night: the depiction of mythological landscapes in the Am Duat of the New Kingdom royal necropolis 51-62
Charlotte Booth Aspects of the Hyksos’ role in Egyptian society from the artistic evidence 19-26
Angus Graham Some thoughts on the social organisation of dockyards during the New Kingdom 27-34
Michael Brass The Origins of the Cattle Cult in Ancient Egypt  
Rachael Dann The Mummy’s body as an object of horror  
Elizabeth Frood Ritual and initiation at Abydos: a context for narrative biography in the Nineteenth Dynasty  
Roberto Gozzoli Writing a history of Ancient Egypt: some theoretical issues  
Dan Lines A curious Middle Kingdom stela from Birmingham published as ‘A curious Middle Kingdom stela in Birmingham’, JEA 87 (2001), 43-54
Tom Hardwick Amenhotep III, his blue crowns, and their progeny  
Elizabeth Hind The specialness of science: it’s all in the mind 45-50
Joanne M. Rowland Trends in burial evidence: evaluating expectations for the regional and temporal distribution of mortuary behaviour in Predynastic Egypt 63-68
Andrew Bednarski The lotus reborn: the creation and distribution of the Description de l’Eypte 1-12
Nina Wahlberg Representations of Hathor and Mut in the Hibis temple 69-75



Information Courtesy of CRE XIV Committee.