Venues in Naples

The conference will take place in Du Mesnil Palace

Du Mesnil Palace is one of the most important historical building of Naples located in via Chiatamone 6, in San Ferdinando district. It is now the headquarters of the Rectorship of the University of Naples “L’Orientale”.


The palace was built between the 70s and the 80s of the Nineteenth Century by Ermanno and Oscar Du Mesnil, two brothers of a noble Belgian family.


The interior of the Palace is in Baroque and Neoclassical style, while the furniture reflects the eighteenth-century. The most of the mythological frescoes was made by Paolo Vetri (student of Domenico Morelli) and Joseph Mazerolle.


Since 2012, the palace supervises the collections of the Oriental Museum “Umberto Scerrato” and La Società Africana d’Italia.


How to reach us?

From Central Train Station (Garibaldi Station):
From Garibaldi Station you can reach “Du Mesnil” Palace by bus and by tube. You can take bus number 151 and get off at the bus stop: Piazza Vittoria.
Bus 151

Otherwise, you may take “Linea 2” (Line 2) tube getting off at Piazza Amedeo station:
From Piazza Amedeo

Alternatively, you can also take “Linea 1” (Line 1) and get off at Municipio station. After, you have to take C25 bus line getting off at Piazza Vittoria:
Bus C25

From Naples International Airport (Capodichino airport):
From Capodichino airport you can take bus “Alibus”. The bus departs from the airport every 30 minutes. It will take approximately 30-35 minutes for Piazza Municipio where you will take the bus 151 and get off at the bus stop Piazza Vittoria.

Alibus – 151

Please refer to the website for more information:
Alibus Schedule

Public transportation app:
Gira Napoli (only for Android)

From “Molo Beverello” port:
You can take bus number 151, C25 or 140 and get off at the bus stop Piazza Vittoria. The bus stop is located in front of the ferry ticket booths.
Bus 151
Bus C25
Bus 140