Call for Hosting Bids and Permanent Committee Members

Call for Bids- Hosting the Next Annual CRE Conference

If your university would like to host the next annual Current Research in Egyptology conference, please consider submitting a bid! To apply, your team must consist of Egyptology postgraduate students and early career researchers, with a minimum of two members. At least one member of your team must be registered as a postgraduate PhD student.

All bids will be presented during the annual general meeting (AGM) of the next CRE (13.09.2023, 16:30-17:30, University of Basel, Switzerland). At least one member of your team must attend the AGM to present the bid.It is mandatory that a member of your committee be in attendance to present the bid at the AGM. This is so voters can ask questions regarding travel, funding, etc.

Bids should consist of the following:

  • Powerpoint presentation which will give the voters (i.e. the attendees of the next CRE who are present at the AGM) a clear idea of why they should vote for your bid. Please include the suggested following information:
    • Members of your committee
    • Available funds for organising expenses (e.g. venue rental, travel funds, excursion funds, etc.)
    • Visitor information (transport, accommodation, etc.)
    • Potential opening and closing speakers (usually professional Egyptologists, such as professors from your institution)
    • Potential locations for the conference dinner
    • Potential excursion options
    • Any bonuses your institution can offer (i.e. free lunch, museum tours, etc.)
  • A poster which includes the information from your Powerpoint in a summarised form. Posters of the bids will be on display alongside the poster presentations throughout the conference (An example can be found at

We encourage international bids to be submitted. Please make sure to research concerns regarding transportation and visas for your country, as many voters are likely to have questions. Please note that institutions which have not been successful for past bids are encouraged to re-apply!

Your intention to present a bid must be declared via email to This email is simply to notify the committees that your university intends to run for a position. It should not include your Powerpoint presentation or poster.


Call for Permanent Committee Members

The CRE Permanent Committee is looking to recruit 3 new members from September 2023, one of whom will act as webmaster. This is a great opportunity to be involved with the CRE conference and to make a difference for the future of Egyptology.

The Permanent Committee’s role is to give guidance to the annual conference committee, and to address any issues relating to the future of the conference and its guidelines. Members will serve for two years. When a new committee is selected, the candidate with the most votes will become the committee president once the current president retires.

The role of permanent committee member requires experience with conference organisation, good communication, and team work. The webmaster role requires experience with website hosting. The duties include: maintaining the efficient running of the CRE website (via WordPress) and updating the website and Facebook page as requested by the Permanent Committee and Conference Committee.

If you are interested in joining the Permanent Committee, we ask that you email the current Permanent Committee with a brief statement of why you would like to be a member, and any experience you have that you feel would be useful. The opportunity to run for a position will also be advertised during the Basel CRE. New members will be voted for during the annual general meeting (AGM,13.09.2023, 16:30-17:30, University of Basel, Switzerland). The statements should be emailed to:


We look forward to what we are sure will be another successful year of a wonderful conference. Thanks to the ongoing commitment and support of its members, the CRE is thriving. We warmly invite our members to become more involved, to help make sure the CRE stays strong, and continues to make a lasting impression in the field of Egyptology.