Cambridge 2013

Current Research in Egyptology XIV





Date : January 2005
Location : University of Cambrige, Great Britain
Publication : Mairs, R, & Stevenson, A. (eds), 2007, Current Research in Egyptology 2005,
Oxford: Oxbow Books


Date : 19-22 March, 2013
Location : University of Cambridge, Great Britain
Publication : n/a

List of papers

Author Title Publication reference
 Renate Fellinger Egyptian vs. Greek: The Impact of Greek Rule on the Positon of Women in Demotic Egyptian Law  
 Frits Hendrich The Production of Barley Bread in Umm Mawagir (Kharga Oasis)  
Amaury Pétigny  From Sacred to Law, Back and Forth: The Expressions ′.w.y n ḥrr and s(y)ḥḥ in Demotic  
 Paul Van Pelt  Plastering New Kingdom Kush: An examination of Egyptian Environmental and Technological Adaptation  
 Amy Bahé  An Egyptian Perspective: Demotic Ostraca from Deir el-Bahari in the British Museum  
 Eman Khalifa Crossing Boundaries in Ceramic Studies: Applying Chemical Residue Analysis to Predynastic Sherds from Hierakonpolis  
 Elisa Priglinger  The Role of Climate at the End of the 3rd Millennium BC in Egypt  
 Sarah Musselwhite  A Bioarchaeological Approach to Immigration in Late Egyptian History  
 John Burn  Marshlands and the Great Drought: Using Tomb Decorations to Access the Environmental Awareness at the End of the Old Kingdom  
 Emily Marlow  Sexual Dimorphism of the Cranium in Ancient Egypt: A Test of Population-Specific Metric Sex Estimation Equations on Crania from Late Period Giza  
 Pedro Gonçalves  Memphis Deep Under the Silt: A Geoarchaeological Approach  
 John Wyatt  Africa: The Missing Link in the Identification of the Birds of Ancient Egypt?  
 Kelly Ann Accetta  Thresholds of the Gods: Doorways in Ancient Egypt  
 Maria Nilsson  Pseudo Script in Gebel el Silsila: Preliminary Results of the Epigraphic Survey 2012  
 Clarie Ollett Aspects of the Monumental Landscape of Seti I at Thebes: Agenda and Legitimisation  
 Luigi Prada The Identity of the Dedicatee of a Controversial Amarna Text and the Painters of TT139: Preparing a New Edition of Pawah’s Graffito  
 Reg Clark  Tomb Security in the Third and Early Fourth Dynasties  
 Daniel Soliman Workmen’s Marks in the Theban Necropolis during the Ramesside Period  
 Gemma Tully and Monica Hanna Ancient Landscape, Contemporary Narratives: Reinterpreting the Theban Necropolis Through the Eyes of its Users  
 Fatma Keshk Early Urban Development of Settlement Sites in the Pre- and Early Dynastic Delta (ca. 4500-3100 BC)  
 Lucia Hulkova  Cultural and Chronological Boundaries: The Hyksos Graves of Tell el-Retaba  
 Dorian Vanhulle The Nile and Beyond: The Birth of Navigation in Egypt  
 Justin Yoo  New Kingdom Economy: Evidence of Redistribution or Heightened Biases?  
 Andrea Kahlbacher  The Menu, Please! Individualism vs. Standardization of the Funerary Repast Scenes  
 Nicky Nielsen  Some Notes on the Mechanics of Ramesside Slave Sales  
 Gabrielle Heffernan  Remembering the Past: Royal Ancestors as Inspriation for Eighteenth Dynasty Tomb Decoration  
 Micòl Di Teodoro The Organisation of Seasonal Labour During the Egyptian Middle Kingdom  
 John Billman Is the Late Period Archaism Different from Earlier Practices of Recalling the Past?  
 Vincent Oeters  The Tomb of Tatia at Saqqara  
 Charles Draper Papyrus Vandier Reassessed  
 Janelle Wade and Johnathan Winnerman Epigraphy and Conservation of the Tell Edfu Block Yard: A Report from the 2012 Season  
 Emily Cole  Translation or Commentary? The Case of P. Rhind I and II  
 Afifi Rohim Afifi and Glen Dash  An Excavation and Geophysical Survey in the Valley of the Kings  
 Daniel Potter  Potential Grammaticalisation of the Hand/Arm of the God in the Ramesside Period  
 Annalinda Lacoviello  Libyans in Egypt: Dynamics of Assimilation  
 Ahmed Mekawy Ouda Did Werethekau “Great of Magic” Have a Cult? A Debate Between the Scholars and the Sources  
 Valeria Turriziani Foreign Deities, Frontier Deities: Evidence from the Old Kingdom  
 Susana Mota  Beyond the Obvious: The Middle Kingdom Settlements and Their Contribution to the Study of Household Religion in Ancient Egypt  
 Elizabeth Brophy Two-For-One: Looking at Egyptian Statues with Roman Features in Egypt  
 Chiara Salvador  From the Realm of the Dead to the House of the Gods: The ‘Appeals to the Living’ and Their Context  
 Maha Yahia Three Stelae of King Nehsy from Tell Habwe: A New Interpretation  
 Paulo del Vesco The Quest for Survivals: Representing and Collecting Rural Egypt in the Early 20th Century  
 Carlo Rindi  A New Type of Ptah-Sokar-Osiris Figure: Preliminary Highlights  
 Joost Kramer  Medieval Egyptology: What Can We Learn from Arabic Medieval Histories on Pharaonic Egypt?  
 Marisa Bealby Do Maths and You Can Do Anything: Revisiting Egyptian-Aegean Relations  
 Linda Steynor  Crossing Disciplinary Boundaries: The Applicability of Modern Literary Theory to Ancient Text  
 Birgit Schiller  The Transfer of Landscape Elements Between the Aegean and Egypt  
 Hany Rashwan  A New Rhetorical Reading of the Zigzag Stela of Rameses II (Tanis V, Face C)  
Giannakoulous Khan  Black Asclepius, White Imhotep: The Exchange of Healing Practices Between Egypt and Prehistoric Aegean  
 Benjamin Hinson  A Philological and Ethnoarchaeological Study of Sinhue’s Life Abroad: Towards a Rehabilitation of Egyptian Sources for Understanding the Levantine MBA?  
 Carl Walsh  The High Life: Courlty Lifestyles in the Late Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean  
 Julia Hsieh  Where is the “City of Eternity”?  
 Stefanie Hardekopf  Is “Bankes Tomb” Really Lost?  
 Kirsten Dzwiza Getting Closer: Research on the Origin of Magic Signs  
Tatjana Beuthe  The South Tomb: Examining Meaningful Orientation of Cenotaphs in Egyptian Pyarmid Complexes from the Old to Middle Kingdoms  
 Ronaldo Guilherme Gurgel Pereira The ‘Knowledge’ in the Book of Thoth and the Hermetic ‘Gnosis’: Reallocating the Center of ‘Restricted Knowledge’ from the Egyptian Temples to Ordinary Individuals  
 Dr. Judith Bunbury  Team Games from Karnak to Kharga: Exploring Landscape and  Climate Change in Egyptology  
 Professor Geoffrey T. Martin  Excavations at the Tomb of Horemheb in the Valley of the Kings  
 Dr. Kate Spence  Colonialism, Architecture, and Experience in New Kingdom Nubia  



Information Courtesy of CRE XIV Committee.