Conference Proceedings

Participants who presented a paper or a poster at CRE XVI are invited to submit their articles for publication in the conference proceedings published by Oxbow.

For complete instructions, please see: Publication guidelines for CRE XVI Proceedings

Any article included in the final volume must follow these guidelines. Manuscripts that do not conform to the appropriate format will be returned to the author.

Submission guidelines

– Full paper must be received by midnight (12:00AM, GMT) July 15, 2015 to No late entries will be considered.

– Authors have to submit their article in English, including text and images not exceeding 6,000 words BOTH in Microsoft Word for PC and in PDF format.

– All submissions will be peer-reviewed.

– Submitters will be notified, via email, by the Committee regarding the acceptance or rejection of their abstract by September 1, 2015.

 * * *

Papers Review Methodology

CRE XVI editorial committee will be helped in this task by faculty members of the University of Oxford.

Several guidelines are suggested as review grading criteria, such as:

– Quality of overall article: content, methodology and argumentation.

– Quality of the academic written English (register and style).

– Originality of topic and research.

Each of the reviewers is asked to mark papers with a numerical value from 1 (Rejected) to 4 (Accepted with minor revisions). All votes will then be summed and will give a Total Review Score (TRS).