CRE Peer Review Procedure

Each CRE Organizing Committee defines a Scientific Committee.The Organising Committee must define and declare a Scientific Committee consisting of five scholars (at least), which will be responsible for the peer review procedure.


  1. All abstracts will be reviewed ‘blind’. The list of all submissions will be given to the reviewers with only their title, abstract and a number used to identify that submission.
  2. The main reviewing criteria include: a) Quality of overall abstract, content, and aim, b) Μethodology, c) The ability of topic to garner overall interest (new research and on-going new research).
  3. Any applicant who wishes to receive feedback as to why their abstract was rejected should receive (at least) a justification.


It is the responsibility of the Organising Committee to edit and publish the CRE proceedings in accordance with the Author Guidelines and the following guidelines:

  1. All submissions will be peer-reviewed ‘blind’ (i.e., no names, institutional affiliation, email or identifying markers attached to abstracts). The submissions will be given to the reviewers (two for each paper) with only their title, text of the work and illustrations, and a number used to identify that submission.
  2. The review grading criteria should include: a) Quality of overall paper, concerning aims, methodology, content, argumentation, b) Originality of research topic, c) Quality of academic written English. It is advisable that the final paper will be reviewed by a native speaker before submission.
  3. All submissions will receive written feedback, with comment on how the paper meets (or does not meet) the above criteria.