Accommodation & venues in Kraków


It is the responsibility of the speakers and attendees to arrange their accommodation. Krakow has a large and diversified base of hostels, B&Bs and hotels easily bookable though popular booking web sites.

As for our recommendations, we will add them soon.



The conference will be held in the heart of the historical university quarter just by the Main Market Square of Krakow.

The historical university quarter can be easily accessed by public transport. The closest bus/tram stops are: Filharmonia, Uniwersytet Jagiellonski and Teatr Bagatela. Tickets can be bought in vending machines on board the vehicles or at bus/tram stations.

Collegium Minus

One of the conference venues will be the Institute of Archaeology, Jagiellonian University in Krakow, located at the very city centre at 11 Golebia street.

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The building which hosts the Institute is called Collegium Minus. It comes from the XVth century AD being the second oldest part of the University. The finest place in the historic building is the Gothic hall, which occupies the present basement level of the building.

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Collegium Maius

It is the place where the Jagiellonian University in Krakow started its long history. It is located at 15 Jagiellońska street.

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The building comes from the XIVth century AD and nowadays, it is a University museum, but one of its conference halls, called the Bobrzynski hall, will host CRE XVII.


The Professors’ Garden

The historic buildings of the University are separated only by a peaceful garden, which existed there as early as in the XVth century AD. Today it is a fantastic place for a conference coffee and an informal discussion that you will surely appreciate.

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