Travel to Oxford

Thanks to its proximity to London international airports as well as the extensive railroad and coach networks within the UK, Oxford is easy to reach from all UK, European or overseas destinations.

From Heathrow or Gatwick airports:

Both can be reached easily with buses of ‘The Airline’ company running regularly from Oxford city centre to these airports. It will take approximately 80 minutes for Oxford/Heathrow, with buses departing every 30 minutes (£29) and 2 hours for Oxford/Gatwick with buses every hour (£37). Please refer to the website for more information:

From London:

It takes 1 hour by Great Western Railway trains from London. They are running every 15-20 minutes (£5 to £12,95 for single ticket, if booked in advance). Please refer to the website for detailed fares and timetables:

It takes approximately 100 minutes with Oxford Tube or X90 coaches to get to Oxford from London. They are running 24 hours a day, up to every 10 minutes (£13 same day/next day return ticket for students with student cards, £18 for adults). Further details at:

Oxford Tube:

Oxford X90:

Map 1

Once in Oxford, no transport is needed! Oxford city centre is compact and everything is at walking distance. Besides, the proximity of the venues for the conference will make it easy to get to the events CRE offers once there.

For more information, please refer to the Oxford City Council website: