The registration procedure is different for authors of paper/poster and for attendants without contribution:

  1. a) Authors with paper/poster

All authors (paper/poster) must register for the meeting. In the case of an author participating in more than one contribution, they must register only once. In the case of one person being the author of both a paper and a poster, s/he must register as paper author. In case of multiple-author contributions, only those attending the conference will have to register. The key dates to be considered for registration are –as previously announced– the following ones:

Early registration:      1st February – 15th March 2019

                                   (paper 50 € / poster 45 €)

Late registration:        16th March – 10th June 2019

                                   (paper 80 € / poster 75 €)   

All authors must submit the Authors-registration-form along with the payment receipt.

  1. b) Attendants without contribution

Due to the limited capacity of the conference venue rooms, the CRE 2019-Alcalá committee needs to keep control of the number of participants. Accordingly, each attendant must be previously authorized by the committee before issuing any payment. Therefore, the payment of the conference fees should be done only after the confirmation by the CRE 2019-Alcalá committee has been issued and communicated to the applicant. Registration for attendants (without paper/poster) will be confirmed on a “first come–first served” basis. The key date to be considered for the attendant registration is the following one:

Registration:               1st February– 10th June 2019

                                    (Attendants 40€)      

Please, we urge you to consider that although the conference fee will not change, the conference venue capacity is limited and acceptances could finish soon. Once the CRE 2019-Alcalá organizing committee authorizes your attendance you will receive a payment form that you should send back to the organization together with your payment receipt. In case of any prospective attendant doing a payment without the previous authorisation, any bank commissions derived from the refund are to be borne by this participant.



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