Call for Papers for CRE XVI 2015

CRE flyer 2015


Submission Guidelines

– Submitted abstracts must not exceed 200 words. Please do not exceed the word limit as it will automatically disqualify your submission.

– Submission must be received by midnight (12:00AM, GMT) November 15, 2014 to No late entries will be considered.

– All submission will be reviewed by the Organisational Committee (4 members) and the Review Committee (3 members).

– Submitters will be notified, via email, by the Committee regarding the acceptance or rejection of their abstract by December 15, 2014.

– All submissions must be in English.

Please be sure to have the following information on your email submission:

Name and title, email address, abstract and title of paper, affiliation (if not currently affiliated please note self as ‘independent researcher’) as well as preference for oral or poster presentations.

Please submit abstracts as a word .doc or .docx attachment (not a PDF), using 1.5 spacing, 12 pt Times New Roman Font with no indenting or tabbed spacing of paragraphs. Please do not use any citations, footnotes or figures in the abstract.

 * * *

Abstract Review Methodology

Abstracts will be reviewed following the same methodology as CRE London. The organisational committee will be helped in this task by the review committee.

All abstracts will be reviewed ‘blind’ i.e. no names, institutional affiliation, email or identifying markers attached to abstracts. The list of all submissions will be given to the reviewers with only their title, abstract, and a number used to identify that submission.

Each abstract will be considered singly focusing on content and not English writing ability. Several guidelines are suggested as review grading criteria, such as:

– Quality of overall abstract, content, and scope.

– Applicability towards the conference theme of ‘Travel in Ancient Egypt’.

– Versatility of topic and ability to garner overall interest.

Each of the reviewers is asked to mark each abstract as ‘Yes,’ ‘No’, or ‘Maybe.’ Each answer is given a numerical value: Yes 1 – No 0 – Maybe 0.5. All votes will then be summed and will be given a Total Review Score (TRS).


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