Oxford 2006


Current Research in Egyptology VII Unknown




Date : April 2006
Location : University of Oxford, Great Britain
Publication : Cannata, M. (ed.), 2007, Current Research in Egyptology 2006,
Oxford: Oxbow Books

List of papers

Author Title Publication reference
Christina Adams Shades of meaning:manifestations of the dead in pharaonic and post-pharaonic Egypt 1-20
Colin Reader Giza before the Pyramids  
Beth Astbury Amen Behaving Badly: Morals in Ancient Egypt  
Jenefer Cockitt The radiocarbon dating of Ancient Egyptian mummies and their associated artefacts: Some implications for Egyptology 43-53
Kenneth Griffin A Reinterpretation of the Use and Function of the Rekhyt Rebus in New Kingdom Temples 66-84
Tony Judd What were they doing with their Cows? Cattle in the Rock Art of the Eastern Desert of Egypt 120-138
Ashley Jones Modernity and the Mummy Portraits: A Curious Chapter in the History of Egyptomania  
Benoit Claus From Legitimation to Datation: Ramesses IV’s titularies  
Tada Rutkausas Conception of sin and guilt in Ancient Egypt: a new approach  
Paula Alexandra Veiga Heka: the art of the magical word in ancient Egyptian society  
Paul Whelan Brussels Stela E4860: a reject from an Abydos workshop?  
Kathryn Piquette Practice Theory and the Materiality of Early Egyptian Imagery  
Peter Robinson The locational significance of scatological references in the Coffin Texts 146-161
Joanna Kyffin The Art of Magic in Ancient Egypt  
Eric McCann New Findings in the Fourth Cataract, the Sudan: Reconsidering settlement theories and ceramic trade in the Meroitic Period (c. 100BC – 400AD) 139-145
Garry Shaw The Political Role of the King in the 18th Dynasty: The Promotion Process  
Linda Hulin Materiality and colonial relations at Beth Shan  
Katharina Zinn Libraries, archives and the organisation of collective wisdom in Ancient Egypt 169-176
Xavier Droux The iconography of prisoners and enemies in the Naqada Culture 2006
Liam McNamara The revetted mound at Hierakonpolis and early kingship: a re-interpretation  
Cordula Werschkun Resource Procurement and Management of Settlements in Old Kingdom Egypt  
Jacky Finch A reassessment of the Left Forearm of Durham Mummy DUROM 1999.32.1  
Vanda Cristina da Cruz Raimundo The side effects of cosmetic use in Ancient Egypt  
Annette Kjolby Thoughts on materiality, decision making and structuration: A study of New Kingdom Private Temple Statues  
Denise Parkinson The power of Egyptology to affect audiences: Sir Henry Rider Haggard, the Champollion project and museum Simulacra  
Alice Stevenson The Social Significance of Predynastic Beads  
Melanie Sapsford A Potential Diagnosis for Ebbell’s ‘Rose’? 162-169
Andras Gulyas The transfiguration of the king  
Cathy Bryan The Egyptianising of Dubai  
Piotr Laskowski The sanctuary Netjermenu of Thutmose III  
Maria Cannata Embalmers or leather workers: a case of gender discrimination? 21-42
Sally McAleely Looking outside the box: using Egyptian data to demonstrate how the analystical concept of the chaine operatoire can be applied to artefacts made from plant material  
Judith Seath An Analytical Study of an ancient Egyptian Fabric Pillow  
Tom Hardwick Kerma and Egypt in the Second Intermediate Period: artistic exchange  
Alice K. Heyne New Light on Old Ptahhotep: The BM version of the Teaching of Ptahhotep 85-98
Joan Padgham Unguent Cones: real or representative  
Jennifer Cromwell The Archival history of Coptic Documents from Jeme held in the British Library and its impact on their provenance 54-65
Anna Kathrin Hodgkinson The Final Phase of Per-Ramesses 99-115
Jioi Janak New light on the Akh-bird 116-119
Karen Exell Votive stelae as text, image and artefact  
Alexandre Vassiliev Localization of the Shasu-land of Ramesses II’s rhetorical texts  
Rune Nyord Thirsting for Power: The Conceptualization of magic in the Coffin Texts  
Steven James Larkman I love you, I hate You, I want a divorce: Social relationships of the Great Overlords of the Nome  
David Gange Late nineteenth-century debates in religion and science as formative influences on British Egyptology  



Information Courtesy of CRE XIV Committee.