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Current Research in Egyptology XV

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Date: 9-12 April, 2014
Location: University College London and King’s College London, Great Britain
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Publication: Justin Yoo, Massimiliano Pinarello, Carl Walsh, and Jason Lundock



Author Title Publication reference
 John Ward Mallets, Chisels, Sledges and Boats; The Art of Quarrying at Gebel el  Silsila  
Arianna Sacco People and pots: uncovering the identity of the Hyksos  
Keita Takenouchi Some Remarks on the Distribution of Stone Production in Predynastic Egypt: A View from the Analysis of Mudstone Artifacts  
Nora Shalaby Early Copper and Turquoise Mining in Sinai:  Site and Materials Study of Wadi Maghara  
Diane Johnson Irons in the Fire: Iron Working in Early Egypt  
Anna Accettola The Egyptians and Nabataean Trade Nation  
Sarah Chapman Avoiding Death: Restrictions on the Representation of Corpses in Egyptian Art  
Christopher Braun Discovering Egypt’s Pre-Islamic Past: Ancient Egypt’s Material Culture Mirrored in Medieval Arabic Treasure-Hunter Manuals  
Katarzyna Kapiec The winged sun disc motive – its origin in Ancient Egypt and spread to other cultures  
Federica Ugliano & Alice Sbriglio Re-excavating Heliopolis: Unedited Archaeological Data from the Archives of Ernesto Schiaparelli and Missione Archeologica Italiana  
Beth Ann Judas Keftiu and Griffins: An Exploration of the Liminal in the Egyptian World-view  
Jason Lundock Ancient Egypt in the British Countryside: A Discussion of Egyptian Finds Recorded Through the Portable Antiquities Scheme  
Wojciech Ejsmond A survey of Gebelain: Preliminary results  
Reinert Skumsnes Patterns of change – Titles of non-royal women in New Kingdom Egypt  
Martin Odler Old Kingdom copper model tools in the female burials  
Renate Fellinger Women’s participation in the legal landscape of Ptolemaic Egypt as portrayed in Theban ‘documents for money’  
Douglas Petrovich The Chronological Value of Tell el-Dab’a’s Inscriptional Finds to the Dating of the Beginning of the Stratum d/1 at Avaris  
Ada Nifosi The liminal status of the fetus and the newborn in Graeco-Roman Egypt  
Caroline Brumbridge ‘You carried your spear on the testimony of a filthy whore!’ Gender Stereotypes and Transgendered Individuals in the Tale of the Two Brothers.  
Lidjia M. McKnight The Art of Embalming – a macroscopic and radiographic evaluation of decorative techniques applied to mummified votive Egyptian mammalian remains.  
Pavel Titz & Jiri Musil El-Hayz Project. Current state of knowledge on the Egyptian Western Desert Oasis  
Stephanine Atherton-Woolham Imaging ancient Egyptian crocodile mummies  
James Bennett Tells, Toponyms and the Third Intermediate Period. Constructing a New Topographical Settlement Map for the Period  
Micol Di Teodoro The ḫnrt wr: a new research  
Akiko Nishisaka, Kazumitsu Takahashi & Sakuji Yoshimura Some new findings during the conservation project in the tomb of Amenophis III, 2011-2012.  
Alessandra Colazilli Fear of the outside world. An Egyptian perspective  
Mohamed Yousef Ali Dashur: Documenting Change  
Sue Thorpe Social Aspects in Ancient Egyptian Personal Correspondence  
Maria Nilsson Multicultural commemorations: An epigraphic journey from Prehistoric rock art to Napoleonic signatures at Gebel el Silsila.  
Solene Klein The Material Culture of the Egyptian Funeral in the First Millennium BC : A Case Study of Canopic Jars  
Susan Penacho A Spatial Analysis of Sealings within the Nubian Fortresses of Uronarti and Askut  
Loretta Kilroe Precious deposits: new interpretations of infant jar burials in Egypt and Sudan  
Massimiliano S. Pinarello  An Archaeological Discussion of Writing Practice: Deconstruction of the Ancient Egyptian Scribe  
 Antje Kohse  Deviant Burials from the Predynastic Period to the Middle Kingdom  
 Electra Apostola  Cross-cultural relations between Egypt and Greece during the Early Iron Age: Representations of the egyptian goddess Sekhmet in the Aegean.  
 Janelle Wade Pharaonic Economy: A New Commodity-Based Approach to an Age-Old Discussion  
 Justin Yoo Mercenaries, Merchants, Migrants and Marauders: Greeks in Late and Persian Period Egypt  
 Martina Bardoňová The Middle Kingdom Society seen through its Supply Patterns  
 Felipe Soares In the antechamber of Persian Invasion. Greco-Egyptian relations during the 26th Dynasty  
Frits Heinrich & R.T.J. Cappers  The Farming Regimes of Egypt: Agricultural strategies and crop selection  
 Charles Draper The Egyptian diaspora in northern Mesopotamia c. 700—600 BC  
 Courtney Bobik, Colleen Westmor, & Sean Winter Late Ptolemaic / Early Roman diet at Thmuis: Based on Unit O7-15  
 Maria Gutierrez  Processional oracles: methods of approaching the god in the context of Egyptian temple festivals and processions  
 Eva Lock-Cornelisse  Birds in the Marshes: a comparative study and an iconographic analysis of the birds in the marshland scenes in the Old Kingdom elite tombs in the Memphite area.  
Tatjana Beuthe The landscape of the Osiris tomb at Abydos and its relation to funerary icons and items from the late New Kingdom onward  
Marlene S. Kristensen  Gardens in ancient Egypt – an illustration of reality?  
Ahmed M. Mekawy Ouda The principal epithet of Werethekau ‘lady of the palace’: a new category for analysis of Egyptian religion  
 Julia Chyla  View from the space – what archival maps and satellite images can tell us about?  
Afifi Rohim Afifi & Glen Dash  The Discovery of Intact Foundation Deposits in the Western Valley of the Valley of the Kings  
 John Waytt Bird Hieroglyphs: An Ornithologist’s Viewpoint on their Origin and Subsequent Depiction.  
 Karolina Rosińska-Balik, Joanna Dębowska-Ludwin, Agnieszka Ochał-Czarnowicz, & Marcin Czarnowicz Egyptian-Levantine connections. A view from Tel Erani, Israel  
 Jo Stoner The cultural life of monastic baskets in late antique Egypt  
 Hany Rashwan A pure visual rhetoric: the Hapax nnkttyw and its literary Phonetic Graphic Metaphor  
Krystal Pierce The Cemetery at Deir el-Balah (Gaza) in Light of New Kingdom Egyptian Cultural Identity  
Vincent Oeters  Recent fieldwork in the New Kingdom necropolis at Saqqara by the Leiden mission  
 Eleanor Simmance & Laura Grimshaw Texts, Context and Interpretation: Exploring Tutankhamun in the Birmingham Egyptology TuT Project  
Stephanie Boonstra  Finders Keepers? Disputed Heritage Between Egypt and the Levant  
Edward Mushett Cole Foreign influence in the late New Kingdom and the Third Intermediate Period  
 Walaa Aboubakr Basha Stable Isotope Analysis of Soft Tissue from Kulubnarti (Sudanese Nubia)   
Joanne M. Robinson  ‘Blood is thicker than water’: cultural and biological influences and outcomes of consanguineous marriage in ancient Egypt  
 Barbara Hufft  Kushite royal representation in Egypt and Nubia  
 Sarah Musselwhite  Immigration in late Egyptian history (c. 1550–30 BC): Patterns of cranial shape variation  
 Giorgia Cafici  The representation of the elite in the Egyptian sculptural production during the Ptolemaic Period  
 Carl Walsh  Establishing the Proper Etiquette: Diplomacy and the transmission of court lifestyles between Egypt and Kerma during the Middle Bronze Age  
 Stacy Hackner  3D Scanning for Nubian Bones: A Case Study  
 Johannes Auenmüller  Temple Statues of New Kingdom Viziers and Mayors in Territorial Context – Distribution vs. Localism  
 Joanne Backhouse  Female Figurines: A re-evaluation of the evidence and theoretical frameworks  
 Melanie Pitkin  The distribution and dating of Egyptian false doors and funerary stelae of the First Intermediate Period (reigns of Pepy II – Mentuhotep II): a preliminary analysis  
 Julie Morgan  The First Campaign of Shoshenq I commemorated at The Temple of El-Hibeh?  
 Serena Autiero  Terracotta Figurines from Egypt as Agents of Cultural Globalization  
 Katharina Stövesand  Ancient Egyptian Coffins as Communicative Media for Religious Visual Strategies: Lower and Middle Egyptian Coffins of the late and Ptolemaic Periods  
 Robert M. Porter Recent Egyptian Carbon Dating Projects and Dendrochronology  
 Caterina Minniti  Tanagras in cross-cultural context: A study on stylistic variability across the Mediterranean  
 Peter Robinson  The Manchester ‘Funeral’ Ostracon: A sketch of a funerary ritual?  
 Stefan Baumann  Treasuries and Hidden Chambers in Graeco-Roman Temples  




List of Posters


Author Title Publication reference
Kevin McGuiness Drag Queen: The Liminal Status of the Bust of Queen Nefertiti  
Loretta Kilroe Deliberate drips: developments in ceramic decoration at the end of the New Kingdom in Nubia.  
David Nunn Shades of Meaning: a semiotic approach to the use of polychromy in hieroglyphic inscriptions  
Azza Ezzat The Digital Library of Inscriptions and Calligraphies (DLIC) Challenges for Digital Preservation of Cultural Heritage  
Ahmed Mansour The journey of writing in Egypt  
Fatma Keshk & Amira Saddik The Causeway of Wnis (Ounas) from the Manuscripts of Selim Hassan  
Sasha Rohret The Giza Necropolis: An Analysis and Spatial Distribution of Age, Sex, and Pathology in Selected Human Remains from the Western Cemetery  
Sarah Shepherd The Bronze Age Sword Manufacturing in Egypt: The Khepesh  
Melanie Wasmuth Being ‘foreign’ in an ancient multi-cultural society: the case of the ‘Egyptians’ in early Iron Age Mesopotamia  
Nora Shawki King Tutankhamun’s Facsimile: Recreation as Preservation  
 Kelsey Kahlbaum-Hoisington It’s all about the Bread Molds: Analysis and Measurements Taken to Find Possible Standardization among Middle Hellenistic Bread Molds  
Isabel Zermani Sharing the Story: creating a dialogue with the past and present community  
Uta Siffert From Object to Icon: Visual Reflections on and the Designations of Material Culture in the Reliefs and Paintings of Middle Kingdom Tombs  
Amira El Moursi “Future plans for Community Engagement activities of Mansoura National Museum at Shenawy Palace” Community engagement in Egyptian Museums: Collaboration or Contestation?  
Grazia A. Di Pietro
The ‘CASEPS’ project. Integrating and comparing archaeological evidence on Egyptian Predynastic settlements
Stanislava Kučová Bahariya Oasis: Trade routes and economical situation during late Roman period  
Federico Ugolini  Upper Adriatic and Egypt in the Roman Empire: Ports and Trade  
 Kimberly Watt Does Form Follow Function? What functions can be deduced from a floor plan?  
Pavel Titz & Jiri Musil El-Hayz Project: The Coarse Ware Pottery from the Czech Excavations